Portable Generators Review

Portable power needs are constantly growing. Whether you’re using a generator for camping, picnics, emergency services or for working outside on various projects, a portable generator can be very useful. There are various sizes, starting mechanisms and watt outputs, but the concept is the same and power is generated for various uses.

Each power generator has different sizes and weights and can provide power for a limited amount of time based on the amount of fuel available. The power output should be stable and even applicable for electronics devices and computers that cannot have interruptions in power.

Portable Generators: What to Look For

When shopping for a portable generator, it’s important to consider the purpose of the generator. If you’ll be running large power equipment or you will want to run a TV, radio, blow dryer and a computer at the same time, you’ll need a larger, more robust model. But if you are looking for a smaller unit for basic or backup use, the more compact models will suffice. There are other factors to consider as well.

Fuel Type/Efficiency
Each portable power generator is slightly different in how long it will power your devices. This depends on the type of fuel, the efficiency of the motor and the capacity of the tank. Some of the most popular fuel types are gas generators and propane generators. There are even electric generators that have the option for an electric start to avoid pumping and priming. With a 1-gallon gasoline tank, some 1,000 watt generators can run for up to eight hours. But with more wattage outputs, this number can drop drastically. It’s important to determine how long you’ll need to run your generator and the style of fuel tank you want.

Size & Style
Weighing in at around 30 pounds, it’s important to consider portability. The portable generators can come with a simple handle or with a wheel mount to make moving them easier. Keep in mind, if you need to move these portable generators around a construction site, finding bigger wheels or a more maneuverable machine might be the best option.

Some of the best portable generators have other features to help make using them more attractive. For example, it might be very important to have a quieter portable generator and some models have noise-canceling construction features to help with this problem. Others have power inverters to convert power seamlessly. Also, some of the best portable generators have extended warranties.

Portable generators are now at a price point for general consumers. It’s not just the construction industry that needs backup power. And a portable generator can make the perfect camping, hiking, picnic or emergency companion. Whether it’s charging your phone or running a TV, a portable generator is a useful tool.

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